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Discover a legacy 60 years
in the making

What started as a pioneer’s dream, turned into a vision of remarkable and endless possibilities. Explore more about our legacy and where it all began.

Making History Every Day

Come and discover our story of triumphs, successes & greatness

This is the story of how a family with great vision has changed the region.

At Galadari, we believe in seizing the opportunity that every day offers. This is how we have ensured that we have pioneered initiatives across industries and regions and continue to do so.

Our Leadership
Founded over six decades ago by the visionary Galadari Brothers, we continue their legacy by inspiring the next generation of pioneers today.
Success is measured not only by financial performance, but also by our positive contributions to society and the environment.
Our Commitments
Our commitments serve as a reminder of how to awaken the pioneering spirit within and make a meaningful impact across every area of our operations.
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